What to do when you are visiting the attractions and animals at the show

THE 10 Golden rules
1. You should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after you have touched any animals or birds or other surfaces in animal areas and this is most important before you eat or drink or touch your mouth
2. Ask permission before touching any animal and do not put your hands on your face, or mouth after touching an animal.
3. Do not allow children to put their faces near the animals
4. Do not go close to the rear end of animals – they can kick
5. Do not eat or drink whilst you are in the animal areas – including sweets, ice-cream or crisps.
6. Adults should ensure that the children in their care are supervised at all times and that everyone washes their hands and stay safe
7. Do take care if you are pregnant and avoid contact with lambs and their droppings
8. Hand gels and wipes are not a substitute for washing your hands with soap and running water.
9. Please let the Secretary in the Secretary`s tent know if you have any problems with the hand washing facilities on the Show Ground.
10. If you have a food allergy, mention this to anyone who is selling you food.

We hope you enjoy visiting the animals and birds at the Show and by keeping to these common sense rules you should have no problems – so have a Great Day with us